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Benefits to Semi-Annual Fan-Coil Unit Cleanings!

What does a fan coil unit?

A Fan-Coil units function is to move air from inside the suite through its interior components (filter, fan blower, condensing coil, plenum box and ductwork) filtering and conditioning (heat or cool)the air and delivering this as efficiently, comfortably and quietly as possible through dedicated room direct ductwork.

What is a fan coil unit?

A Fan-Coil unit is a “mechanical heating and cooling appliance” that functions under the same premise as a modern vehicle’s working engine (Life cycle, start, work under- load, stop, on-off, intermittent use etc). A Fan-Coil units demands are more frequent and over a longer period of time.

Why fan coils need regularly maintenance?

It is known as “common knowledge” that preventative maintenance on a vehicle engine (periodic inspection, oil, lube and filter changes etc.)can save you money on expensive repairs and replacement of parts. This is common practice and manufacturers recommend this to protect warranties and maintain the manufacturers recommended life expectancy of that vehicles engine.

What fan coil manufacturer recommend?

Fan-Coil units are similar in that sense. Each manufacturer recommends similar “preventative twice yearly maintenance” procedures to maintain stated product efficiencies, unit life expectancy and ensure operational integrity.

Listed below are some of the benefits of having a TDC Semi-Annual Fan-Coil Unit Cleaning Program implemented in your facility:



Where the fan coil units been used?

What benefits are there in performing of Semi-Annual Fan-Coil Unit Cleaning Program?

Energy Savings:  CMHC published studies report a -15-25% electrical savings can be found to consumers who have had a dirty air conditioning or heating coil cleaned in their systems.

Flood Prevention:  A Fan-Coil units drain pan or line can become blocked up and cause flooding and mould growth to the suite and any suites below, a proactive cleaning program can spot, address and alleviate or prevent this scenario from occurring.


Regular Filter Change-Outs:  CMHC published studies report that a dirty air filter can increase the Fan-Coil units operational energy consumption (Electrical Costs) by as much as +15-20%. A semi-annual cleaning will address this issue and solve that potential increase with an install of a new clean filter prior to that seasons heat or cooling demands.

Extended Fan-Coil Units Life Expectancy:  Fan-Coil cleanings allow the equipment to operate at peak performance as manufacturers recommend, with less failure in turn reducing premature Fan-Coil replacement costs and condo corporation expense.

Better En-Suite Comfort:  Cleaner Fan-Coil units operate and perform more efficiently creating better temperature control and generate better overall comfort within the suites of the residents.

Better Airflow and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):  Fan-Coil units move air through their filters, blower fans, condensing coils and ductwork. Over time these components accumulate dust, debris and deposits. These accumulations can have an adverse impact on both the airflow and indoor air quality inside the residents suite, a Fan-Coil unit cleaning will restore and improve the airflow and indoor air quality within the suite.

Parts & Service Costs Reduced:  Mechanical heating and cooling appliances operate on demand (intermittent cycle-on, cycle-off) many times in a 24 hour period, 365 days a year. The stress on moving and functioning components can then be multiplied over the years of use.
 With a Fan-Coil unit cleaning our inspection and written “conditions found report” can help management address and correct the little issues proactively before they become “emergency service requests” that can escalate the facilities overall yearly service costs to maintain the buildings Fan-Coil units.

Maintenance Checklist & Report:  TDC provides a complete detailed report to management after each scheduled cleaning. This report (survey) is the most important part of our process, the report allows property managers the ability to disseminate the information and develop a “planned approach” towards overall maintenance and long term replacement costs for the facilities Fan-Coil units.



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