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Total Duct Cleaning is one of the key players in improving indoor air quality in the GTA.

Most people Across the GTA Toronto today spend between 65% and 93% of their time indoors, yet the quality of indoor air is frequently ignored. The standard disposable air filter found in most heating and ventilation systems is designed only to protect the HVAC equipment, not human health. Better quality pleated filters are available..

We are Duct Cleaning Company fully Insured and Bonded. We are insurance company approved. .

Smog Alert! Emissions from traffic and industry smokestacks all carry a mixture of air pollutants that can seep into your home and affect the quality of your indoor air.

Since wetness promotes mould growth, dampness is digit of the most ordinary causes of poor interior expose in homes, classrooms and public spaces. Controlling the take of wetness is digit of the best and easiest ways to meliorate interior expose and protect your health.

Particulate matter is the name for a panoramic range of airborne particles that are small enough for people to breathe in. Exposure to particulate matter found in indoor air can drive respiratory symptoms such as expiration and wheezing.

Deteriorating building materials crapper emit detritus into the indoor air, and this detritus haw be toxic if the maker material is also toxic. Insulating materials containing asbestos, or paint containing lead, crapper release detritus particles into the air and guy grouping to these substances.

What we can do for your Indoor Air Quality:

HVAC Inspection - We conduct a thorough visual inspection of key areas of the HVAC system and report its findings. The report will include digital images along with a written report outlining particulate testing, bacteria and fungi testing, and recommendations.

Duct Cleaning and Sanitizers - Our environmentally friendly process can reduce microbial growth within duct systems and ductwork to prevent breakup of interior insulation.

We are the only Indoor Air Quality Company in Greater Toronto Area that is Selling, Installing and Waranting Indoor Air Quality Products

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