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Fan Coil Maintenance Programs!

Why do we need fan coil in condominium units and what does it do for us?

The in-suite fan coil unit provides air flow thru out the condo conditioning air in the summer and heated air in the winter. Each individual fancoil unit has a number of components: water coil, condensate drain pan, supply air fan, supply air fan motor, control valve. And a wall mounted space thermostat. The thermostat control the function if the fencoil unit (temperature) HEAT – OFF – COOL  Range between 20 deg.C. (68 deg.F.) and 24.4 deg.C. (76 deg.F.) The fan speed s switch will allow you to select how fast you would like to circulate the room air through the unit. You have  three settings to choose from. HIGH and MEDIUM for cooling, and MEDIUM and LOW for heating.  The  fancoil unit requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. 

Why condominium fan coil maintenance should be performed regularly?

Fan coil maintenance in Toronto condominiums should be performed twice a year routine maintenance should be performed to the mechanical components of the fan coil unit to ensure efficient operation of the unit. Especially in the Toronto harsher weather (Cold or hot all the time). Fan coil units (Fan coils contain an air mixer, a fan, a heating coil and a cooling coil. The fan coil unit is connected to a hot water loop through its hot water coil and to a chilled water loop through its cooling coil)That is not proper maintenance twice a year work harder and result in a drop of efficiency in the unit (Not enough air flow in the condominium units).  This results in the main central heating and cooling plant to work that harder, leading to higher energy costs (more unnecessary bills). The fan coil unit consists of mechanical moving components fan, fan motor, blower, turbine, control valve and thermostat that need to be inspected and lubricated to prevent premature failure (It is a lot cheaper to maintain the fan coil then to fix or replace).


.The fan coil problem

The fan coil, it has a chamber, it has a motor, and it has blades.  The dirtier they get the flatter they got. The normal blades are round, and what’s happening to blades is some much dust built up in there, they’re actually gone flat. Now that those blades are flat, they’re not moving the air through the heat exchangers fast enough, which means your fan coil got to work harder to get the heat through, which means that is overheating, and thirdly it’s cost you a lot of money for fan coil replacement some day and it’s going to be soon.


Remove the filter and replace it. Remove return air grille-access panel. Vacuums the fan coil system and condensate drain pan vacuum and snake, lubricate bearings  and check for leakages and the general functioning, including the thermostat motorized valve, and fan motor. Spray interior of unit to inhibit mold growth. Maintenance is usually done twice a year.


Benefits to Semi-Annual Fan-Coil Unit Cleanings by Total Duct Cleaning

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