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Fan Coil Cleaning!

Fan Coil Unit Cleaning

Fan coil unit cleaning will ensure the fan coil unit is properly cleaned and operating efficiently. By cleaning the fan coil unit can protect from mold and water damage which occur over time. We offer custom fan coil unit remediation for buildings with older fan coil units. Fan coil unit cleaning has two coils, usually made of copper tubes with aluminum fins. Vertical fan coil unit is often described as the cold coil hot coil because it provides indoor cooling and heating. The fan coil works by absorbing heat or the cold from the indoor air that is blown over by the air fan. If the fan coil is contaminated with a light dust or dirt most popular fan coil unit cleaning method is using air pressure and soft bristle brush. Should be done in the opposite direction of air flow through the fan coil unit.

Inspection on Fan Coil Unit before requesting a Service Call

Inspection on Fan Coil Unit. If you haven’t seen a Fan Coil unit before, it looks like the radiator of your car. You know the rad, it doesn’t have much room between the slots, so dust can pile up in there quickly. The Fan Coil Unit is very important for the air flow, because all the air travels through here, whether it’s summer or winter or just ventilating the condo, and when it gets plugged, less air goes through, so you’re getting less heat or cooling up. Look underneath, if doesn’t appear that anybody was here doing an inspection on it or fan coil unit cleaning. Need to be done. It’s something you need to do right away.


Where the fan coil units been used?

Condominium buildings, apartment building through the wall fan coil units in a hotel, dormitory, high rise office building and office towers. As the air circulate over the fan units coils contains dust, dirt, pollen, mold, spores and other biocontaminants. Can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. That can effects the condominium residents and office workers on indoor air quality.

Benefits of Fan Coil Cleaning


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Fan Coil Unit Cleaning

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