Air duct cleaning training manual


duct cleaning guidelines in Canada Total air duct cleaning manual Air duct cleaning training manual and guidelines

Air duct cleaning training manual and guidelines

Total duct cleaning training and guidelines included:

People skills how to treat and understand the needs of the customers. How the explain the procedures in plain language not technical language they are performing for commercial and industrial buildings.

How to read the industrial or commercial property blueprint if the blueprint is not represent to the total duct cleaning technicians they should  by able to create one. The risen is the air ducts are hiding between the walls floors and ceilings you can’t be seeing and the blue print is the only guidelines for properly done air duct cleaning.

Choosing the right air duct cleaning equipment and tools for each individual job. Every property is different. Most important component is the sizes and the angles of the running ducts thru out the property.

Hooking up proper way the vacuum to the property HVAC system (the 8’ vacuum pipe coming from the filtration system has to be hocked up 25’ to 45’ on the cold air main line before the heating or cooling unit the risen for that is to clean every duct and debris from the cold air ducts and don’t allow the duct to contaminate the cooling ore heating unit.
Sad up the proper RPM for the vacuum the roll of tomb is if the vacuum is close to the HVAC system the vacuum need to be raise below 1000 rpm, if the vacuum is far away from the HVAC system  vacuum need to be raise above 1500 rpm.

Regulating the air pressure coming from the compressor and running all the air tools used for air duct cleaning. The compressor is industrial string that’s way the air duct cleaning technicians shod be very careful  when they are choosing the air pressure it very from 100PSI to 350PSI. the general thinking is more air pressure bather cleaning absolutely wrong if you drive the air brush snaking system whit 350PSI true commercial buildings  you will brake or damages the customer duct system (pipes is very expensive to brake the building  walls floors and sealing to replies the duct vents).

Choosing the right air duct cleaning tools for every property individually. Blowgun air gun, Octopus Predator Whip, SCORPION ROD, Dryer Vent Snake, Reverse Spinning Skipper Ball, Forward Spinning Skipper Ball, Scorpion Spinning Brush, 6 Jet, Scorpion Scrub Brush, Air brush snaking system.

For the last 22 years total duct cleaning created the most Advanced and  detailed air duct cleaning training manual Available only to total duct cleaning air duct cleaning technicians. Total duct cleaning can sale the training manual and make money from the sales but instead total duct cleaning deseeded to stand at the top of  there competitors armed whit knowledge and years of experience. Total air duct cleaning manual is the first and so far the only one air duct cleaning guidelines in Canada .




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Air duct cleaning standards

Indoor Air duct cleaning training manual and guidelines Air duct cleaning training guidelines


Air duct cleaning training manual

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Air duct cleaning training manual and guidelines

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