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Indoor Air Quality Articles

As a successful businessman (seasonal trading) I arrived in Canada 22 years ago from Europe. With my family we decided to stay in Toronto. We rented a house for 4 months. Within those 4 months every member of mine family developed some kind of respiratory disease. We blamed it on the indoor pollution from the old house we lived in. The preventative step we took was to buy a brand new house hoping the problem will go away. Oh boy was I wrong we still sufferred from runny or stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes and sneezing.
Since that day I spent 80% of my time researching the damages of indoor pollution and how to protect my family. I did find the way and I am explaining within the articles below.
All the articles are written by John Katz with one purpose: to help you achieve 100% indoor air quality.

Pollutants can cause diseases that show up much later, such as respiratory diseases or cancer. By calling 416-892-5241 you can improve the quality of your indoor air


Benefits you can expect from home duct cleaning Will protect and put on hold home owners and their families illnesses from the air born dirt, dust, pollen, fungi and bacteria. Savings on monthly heating and cooling bills. Protect the HVAC equipment to run longer.

Duct Cleaning Toronto – The best you can expect We can offer our Toronto duct cleaning customers SERVISE ,  KNOLIGE AND PRICE.

Furnace Air Filter – Things you should know Most throw up fiberglass filters are only 9% efficient in stopping dirt, pollen, dust, fungi and bacteria.

Guidelines that need to be followed for furnace air filter replacementInstall your furnace filter on the proper plaice, Fallow the direction on the arrow located on the frame on your furnace filter.

Here’s why you need Interior Dryer and Vent Cleaning You need interior dryer vent cleaning because over the time the lint from the drying clothes is stuck in the dryer and if contact the dryer heating element will create possibilities of fire hazard.

House Duct Cleaning – The need to choose the right one! Choosing the right duct cleaning company for your house is a difficult decision to make but we will help you. Ask the duct cleaning company one question only the quality if their duct cleaning procedures and if you like the answer book the duct cleaning. As a home owner you need to know the price of the duct cleaning service but never make your decision on the chipset price that is 100% guarantee you will make a mistake.

Is Condo Duct Cleaning really required? Yes unless you decided to live with dust, bacteria and molds. No is not mandatory it is your decision to clean your condo duct system.

Schools Hospitals Condominium and Hotels Air Filter Replacement In Schools filter Replacement is mandatory to protect our children they are most precious commodity we have Children are more likely than adults to be affected by polluted indoor-air. The Hospitals customers are already sick whit the air filter replacement may easy some respiratory illnesses. Condominium residents are missing the outdoors buck yard they are restricted to outdoors so air filter Replacement in tare fan coil unit will provide cleaner indoor air.  Hotels Air Filter Replacement is necessary because they don’t have windows ore they don’t open the windows that often.

What you can expect from duct cleaning Mississauga Quality Air Duct Cleaning state of the art air duct cleaning equipment and outstanding customer service.

Why regular duct cleaning is required? Regular duct cleaning is required because most of the Ontario homes duct system is to designed hold up to 40 lbs of dust after that the dust is flaying around the house and landed in the home owner and his family lings, hardwood floor or furniture

Allergen free duct cleaning is required for you to stay healthy Allergen free duct cleaning is required for you to stay healthy. Ok you get professionally done duct cleaning in your house than what how can you get read of the germs and bacteria living in your duct system there is only one way thru out sanitizing your duct system after the duct cleaning is done. Total Duct Cleaning use world's best antimicrobial solution the only one approved from health Canada to be used to sanitize your home air duct system

Breathe easier through HEPA filters Whole house HEPA filtration system is the best investment you can ever make for your family health.

Clean air services solutions: catch comfort unsoiledClean air services solutions will go out of the way to solve all of your family indoor air quality problems. Clean air services solutions will not rest until you and your family don’t  get 100% satisfaction whit your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Services - the ultimate way of cleaning you’re indoor air! With Indoor Air Services you can clean and maintenance your HVAC system. The most efficient way the indoor air services cleaning is thru air duct cleaning creating negative pressure to get read of the accumulated dust.

Commandments you need to know about Duct cleaning restoration Duct cleaning restoration is needed when the house was involved in fire or flood. There is a special treatment and every house situation is different.

Details about water damage cleaning you need to know The accumulated water in your HVAC system have no ware to go if you do not remove quickly  you will created breathing ground for mold wish will make your family sick.

Easy tips that will help in smoke damage cleaning process If the house fire is put out quickly and did not go to your duct system you don’t need to clean your duct. But if the smoke went to the HVAC system you need professional duct cleaning company to take out the smoke out if your vents.

How high rise duct cleaning services can help you? High rise duct cleaning services can help you whit fan coil unit maintenance (will reduce your air born contaminants and lower your utility bills) and Bi-Annual dryer vent cleaning (will clean the lint from the dryer vent may prevent the risk if fire).

HVAC Duct cleaning Services: Why we need them? HVAC maintenance Services will protect your equipment and will extend the life of the furnace. HVAC maintenance services will make shore your equipment is running smooth and is there when you needed (cold winter months or hot sticky months).

Indoor Air Quality Products- the way to a healthful life Indoor Air Quality is depending on what Product you will chose for your house or office some time is difficult to pick up the right Indoor Air Quality Products. Most of the shoppers are going by the look ore by the price of the Indoor Air Quality Products and owes pick op the wrong one. Total duct cleaning specializes in indoor air quality not only we will pick up the right indoor air quality product but also will save you money bay picking the right product for your house ore office the first time.                                                                                    

Is dryer vents cleaning really essential? Yes the dryer vent cleaning is mandatory to prevent the lint caching fire by contacting the dryer heating element. Dryer vents cleaning will save you time so you can spend quality time whit your family not waiting for the dryer to finish its cycle.

Processes involved in Condo dryer vent cleaning and safety tips Condo dryer vent cleaning is necessary to clean the accumulation of the lint to reduce the fire hazard to minimum. The fire in the condominium building is more complicated then the fire in signal house and more human life are in fire danger. DRYER VENT FIRES ARE THE HIDDEN DANGER.

Protective Germ Shield Program-the ultimate way of keeping away microbes Total Duct Cleaning provides the best antimicrobial solution to keep your travelers, riders, guest, patience, residents or office workers save from reducing the risk of transmission of unwanted germs.

Why hospitals duct cleaning is essential? Duct cleaning in hospitals is necessary because the hospital patience is more likely to be affected by polluted indoor air.

Choose the appropriate schools duct cleaning services to stay healthy Choosing the air duct cleaning company to perform duct cleaning is Ontario schools is not an easy task. Most of the schools in Ontario are old and keep building new additions in the prices most Ontario schools last the blue prints of the HVAC system ore have partially duct system blue prints. And the search for the right duct cleaning company to perform duct cleaning in Ontario schools is getting even more difficult when the school board find there is not many air duct cleaning company whit knowledge to read or recreate the duct system blue print (how can you clean the vents when you don’t know ware are they located. Whit the knowledge and experience air duct cleaning technician’s total duct cleaning is fully capable to perform  air duct cleaning in Ontario schools.

Conduct Make up Air Shaft Cleaning: give route to fresh clean air indoors Make up Air Shaft is running from the top to the bottom of the high rise condominium buildings. The visible part is the fresh air intakes next to the elevators in the building corridor. Replacement Air Units is a system that continuously replaces the air being exhausted with fresh air from outside to the entire corridors whit no windows. This air can be heated, cooled, humidified, filtered, or simply moved by a roof top unit fan. Air replacement solves the problem of condominium and high rise buildings air contamination, exchanging stale air and maintaining proper comfort zones for condominium residents and high rise office workers.

Get full capacity output by Condo Air Filter Replacement The air filters in the condos have to be replaced
twice a year.  By getting it done in time you ensure that the air flow through the ducts is purified and free of allergens like dust, pet hair n etc.   thus improves one’s health. We work with quality HEPA air filters and we offer the best prices n services for the condo air filter replacement.

Hospitals Duct Cleaning – Act that is required to stay healthy Hospitals are breading ground of germs n diseases and it’s imperative to get the duct cleaning done in a proper manner and at least once a year. By cleaning the ducts in the hospitals and replacing the air filter the quality of the air the patients breathe is improved. Breathing clean air is vital for the patients in the hospitals and for their fast recovery.

Lint cleaning- the best way to maintain your appliances With time there’s a significant accumulation of lint in the dryer vents which becomes a fire hazard and it takes a little spark from a loosened up bolt or something in the dryer and voila: the damage’s unimaginable. If your dryer takes a long while to dry your clothes that means it has too much lint to operate well and it’s time to get the dryer vent cleaned. By getting the dryer vent lint removed in time your dryer will perform better (it’ll dry the laundry faster) and it’ll be safe to operate.

Protective Germ and Odor Program: an approach towards good health An approach to maintenance of good health is to be protected from germs and odor. This could be done by making sure to use the right products after a thorough duct cleaning. We at Total Duct Cleaning offer a program that removes the germs and gets rid of the odor. We make sure that your home is germ and odor free.

Simple Air Quality testing that can be done all by you! Air quality testing can be done by a  Petri Dish of “T-salt” type. Get one and place it in a room that is to be tested. It is better if you can place this dish far away from doorways and ventilation ducts and so on. You also need to ensure that it is kept far away from floor and the ceiling. Once the incubation period gets over, you need to check different forms of growth on the dish. As per research based conclusions, bacteria appear like “rods”, yeast appear like “colonies and molds in the form of Fuzzy colonies and so on.

Why do duct cleaning? How we break the code and created the indoor air quality Formula. We managed to break the code and created individual program for improving the indoor air quality in your home by offering you the best products and service in Greater Toronto Area.

Finding the right most reliable and dependable duct cleaning company. Finding the right most reliable and dependable duct cleaning company in greater Toronto area can be a challenging task for the consumers. However, if we find the right most reliable and dependable duct cleaning company, we can save a lot of money on duct cleaning services. Good and reputable duct cleaning company will provide you whit through professional and courteous duct cleaning service.

What is air duct cleaning? Duct cleaning is cleaning the pipes connecting the heating and cooling unit to every room of the house.

What is air duct system? Home air duct system is design individually for each house the rule of thumb is every 100 square fit of the house have one vent.

How the air duct cleaning is done? That negative pressure is created from the truck mounted industrial strength vacuum

Air duct cleaning packages: There are two methods of air duct cleaning pricing for Greater Toronto Aria in Ontario.

Residential versus commercial duct cleaning. Can the one company perform residential and commercial duct cleaning? Yes but they have two residential division and commercial division.

Quality air duct cleaning. There are two main factors determining on the quality of the air duct cleaning:   The proper air duct cleaning equipment, and Indoor air duct technician’s skills and knowledge.

Air duct cleaning training manual and guidelines. Total air duct cleaning manual is the first and so far the only one air duct cleaning guidelines in Canada.

Cool Down the house .Here in Toronto where the summer is usually hot and sticky, air conditioning in your home is very important.

A/C coil cleaning . The A/C coil cleaning is necessary because the small A/C coil openings are plugged up very quickly whit dust and debris and you are not getting your desire cool temperature in the house.

The purpose of Air Duct Inspections. If your air duct system is contaminated whit Dirt, dust and dust mites, Pollen, Mold, mildew other fungi, Carpet fibers, Insect remains, Drywall dust and particles or Pet hair and dander so are your lungs.

Benefits to Semi-Annual Fan-Coil Unit Cleanings. Energy Savings, Flood Prevention, Extended Fan-Coil Units Life Expectancy, Better En-Suite Comfort, Better Airflow and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Parts & Service Costs Reduced.

Furnace air filter replacement maintenance program. After many trail errors and years of experience we created Furnace air filter replacement program it is IAQ formula calculating all the components of how much pollution you have around you has is your house close to highway or industrial zone do you have small children, pets, is any family member asthmatic or have respiratory problem and tell us what is the right furnace air filter for your house and the most important when the furnace air filter have to be changed.

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