How we break the code and created the indoor air quality Formula:We managed  to break the code and created individual program for improving  the indoor air quality in your home by offering you the best products and service in Greater Toronto Area.

Why do duct cleaning?:

First and the most important reason is our health that’s why we need it. By getting duct cleaning done we  get rid of the airborne contaminates: dirt, dust and dust mites, pet hair and dander, pollen, drywall dust and particles, carpet fibers, mold, mildew other fungi.

The air we breathe thru our lungs is needed to support all of our cells with oxygen. Oxygen is vital to support cell reproduction keep us young end healthy. The air is most important component for the human life. No air no life. Contaminated air causes diseases: respiratory diseases as asthma, allergies, heart disease and even lung disease that leads to cancer.

For long time we took it for granted that the air quality in our cities is good.  Our environment keeps on getting polluted and now that’s not as clean as we knew it in the past. Is it too late to save our environment from pollution? No one has the answer. I can tell you with absolute certainty we can help you decontaminate the air that you and your family breathe in your house.

The symptoms caused by contaminated indoor air are: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, runny nose, dry cough and much more. No one knows your symptoms better than yourself. The question is:  what will you do for your and your family’s health?

The solutions:

First step is to get duct cleaning done to get rid of the airborne contaminates in your house, office or work place.    

 Second step is to get installed the proper air filtration system for your house, office or work place design and calculated only for your needs (there are many good filtrations systems like:  HEPA that does  a great job  purifying your indoor air; UV light that  kills germs and airborne microbes and other).   The only problem you may run into is choosing the right equipment and calculating the precise capacity equipment for your needs. Let us help you.  After years of experience Total Duct Cleaning found the formula to calculate and determent the right equipment for each individual situation. In the configuration considerations are taken if: there’s any one that’s allergic, asthmatic or has respiratory disease, small children, pets on the property; If property is close to highway, factories, construction; the size of the property and many more factors.  It is complicated formula but we managed to break the code. 

The third step is to maintain your HVAC in your house office or working plaice. Sound good for you? Yes is that simple. Let us be your indoor air Maintenance Company for years to come to protect you and your family health 24/7 hours of day from airborne contaminates.

Why would you choose Total Duct Cleaning to protect your and your family’s health from indoor air pollution? We managed to break the code and created a program that has no equal in improving and maintaining your indoor air quality.  We are trusted and preferred duct cleaning company to do institutional duct cleaning in hospitals and medical facilities in Greater Toronto Area. Another reason to give us a call is: that only our company is introducing and using the one and only natural product for sanitizing air duct systems approved by Health Canada.



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